A beauty salon in Singapore that sells skin care and cosmetics has been accused of using human rights abuses to make money

Posted October 14, 2018 05:24:04Singapore’s cosmetics and hair salon business has been rocked by allegations that it exploited women workers in its factories and forced them to work long hours for little pay.

The allegations, first reported by The Straits Times, are the latest to raise questions about the business’s ethics.

A spokeswoman for Singapore’s cosmetics manufacturing company, Luxury Salon, said she was not aware of any workers at the company who were victims of forced labour.

“We have never employed anyone to work for less than 50 hours a week, and we never used any form of forced overtime or workfare,” she said.

Luxury Salon’s spokeswoman added that the company had been forced to make changes to its policies after learning of the allegations.

“This is the first time that we have been informed of these allegations and we will continue to take the necessary action to address these issues,” she added.

The accusations of forced labor come as the cosmetics industry continues to struggle to cope with a growing population and a shrinking middle class that is turning to beauty as a way to boost self-esteem and make ends meet.

The growing number of Chinese visitors to the island nation is also prompting concerns about how to tackle the rampant trade in beauty products, which have also attracted the attention of human rights groups.

A Chinese national living in Singapore is accused of stealing more than 10 kilograms (24 pounds) of cosmetics worth a total of nearly US$2.5 million from a Singapore-based beauty salon, in one of the worst such cases in recent memory.

In March, the Singapore Police Department said that an employee of the company was arrested on suspicion of stealing the goods from a local beauty salon.

According to police, the employee stole the cosmetics after being told by a supervisor that he would be given a 50-cent discount on the sale of the products to the local public.

The employee was later arrested and taken to police headquarters, where he was later charged with theft of public property.

The accused, identified as Zhang Chun, is still in police custody.

In September, a Chinese national was arrested after allegedly stealing a ton of cosmetics from a cosmetic salon in the capital, Singapore.

A CCTV video showed a young man entering the shop and pulling out a bag of cosmetics, before turning around and walking out with it.

Police said he left the cosmetics at a shopping mall, but was later caught.

The police were investigating the incident, which was also said to be related to the theft of cosmetics at the cosmetics factory.

The cosmetics industry has seen a rise in overseas visitors to Singapore, and many people who come for the country’s beauty products and beauty-related products are now coming for cosmetics.

The country is also one of China’s top sources of cosmetics exports.

China has been the largest exporter of cosmetics to Singapore last year, accounting for more than 20 per cent of the countrys exports, according to data from the Asian Development Bank.

The Chinese government has pledged to boost the country s efforts to boost domestic cosmetics exports, including a plan to introduce a new cosmetic brand, Lippo Cosmetics, that it said would provide more choice and innovation to consumers.

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