How to deal with security breaches at Singapore hotels, restaurants and other businesses

Security breaches at businesses, hotels, and restaurants are becoming a bigger concern for the Singapore Government, with the number of cases expected to rise to more than 1,000 over the next three months, a government official said today.The number of security breaches has reached nearly 1,500 since the Government launched a crackdown on online fraud […]

Beauty salon in Singapore to offer free haircuts and shave, with $15,000 prize

The beauty salon in a small seaside town in Singapore’s capital has said it will offer free shaves and haircuts for residents.The new policy, launched this week, is the result of a survey by the local beauty salon, The Sun’s Beauty Salon, which found that residents in the area were looking for alternatives to paying […]

Which states are more vulnerable to cyberattacks?

The Cybersecurity Information Center has compiled a list of the states that have the highest cybersecurity vulnerability, according to data compiled by a group of cybersecurity experts.The ranking of the 16 states, based on the number of people affected by the most serious cyberattacks, was released Tuesday, and shows a large disparity between the vulnerabilities […]

How to get a new copier in Singapore

Singapore’s biggest retailer is offering a new and improved copier, with a $1,000 credit for new customers.The copier at Singapore’s biggest pharmacy chain, Copier, has a touchscreen to record prescriptions and allows customers to print their own cards.The company says it is also introducing a $200 gift card.The product comes in three models: a compact, […]

How does it work?

Here’s how you can create a childcare singlish Singapore. The process can take a few weeks or months, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps.The Singlish Singapore is a new kind of childcare in Singapore.The company behind it is Singapore Singlish, and it’s a subsidiary of […]

China’s CCTV system is ‘very, very dangerous’ for online shoppers

CCTV cameras are a security system that is “very, really dangerous” for online shopping, a leading security firm has warned. The World Bank has issued an urgent warning about the “very high” risk of people being “wiped away” by CCTV cameras in the world’s biggest economy. Catherine Egan, director of research at security firm Securi, said the […]

Singapore deals $2.3B to boost childcare for babies

The capital has announced it will offer free childcare to babies from the age of six months to five years old, in a bid to boost the nation’s economy.The move comes as Singapore’s economy is in the midst of a recession.The government has set aside $2 billion to help with childcare costs, and it has […]

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