Singapore’s new restaurant is a smart way to cut costs

Singapore has become a global leader in the use of cloud computing.The island nation has also taken a leading role in the development of a number of blockchain-based applications.But the island nation’s fast-growing restaurants have also been criticised for making their money from the sale of its trademarked restaurant seal, which the government considers “an […]

Which is better: the Apple Watch or the Amazon Echo?

When you’re considering an interior design project, the Amazon Alexa is the most likely choice.But even if you’ve got the Alexa, you can also find a better choice in the Apple Watches design, as the two devices look similar.So how are they different?Here are the key differences between the two smart devices: Amazon’s Echo comes […]

Retailers to shut down in Singapore, as internet and e-commerce companies seek to get their own foothold in the country

Retailers in Singapore will close as online shopping firms seek to grow their presence in the nation’s capital.Singapore is a tech-savvy nation, but the government has struggled to crack down on the nations most lucrative business, which includes retailing, internet and software.On Tuesday, the government announced that the countrys commerce and technology departments would be […]

When online shopping for beauty products is cheaper, Singaporean families can now shop in India: Report

Singapore’s online shopping has been a popular choice for Chinese holidaymakers since it began operating online in 2011.But Singapore’s online beauty shop Singelie Beauty Shop (SBS) now has its sights set on India, which has been one of its fastest growing markets in Asia.Singapore’s decision to open its first online store in India is seen […]

‘The next version of Android is an operating system’ – The Verge

The next version in Android, codenamed “CyanogenMod 11,” will arrive in early September, according to the Wall Street Journal, as a major upgrade to the software platform.CyanogenMod is the name of the software development team behind the open source Android mobile operating system, which is widely used for phones, tablets, and computers.Cyanos OS was released […]

How to make your own makeup sponge

Beauty salon in Singapore is adding a new beauty sponge that will make it easier for the customer to make their own makeup and it can even be used for makeup remover!The sponge is made from a plastic bag with a sponge that’s coated in a natural product.The sponge is also made from recycled plastic.The […]

When will my copier get an update?

Copier resellers in Singapore are waiting for a new update on the availability of their new technology, which they say will allow them to offer their products faster, cheaper and better than ever before.The company has said it plans to launch its new copier technology sometime next year.“In this time, we are working on the […]

Singapore Airlines CEO says he won’t be stepping down after two months

Singapore Airlines CEO and chairman of Singapore Airlines Chris Lewin has resigned following allegations of inappropriate behaviour and abuse of power.The airline said on Sunday he will step down as CEO and board member of the company.It said in a statement on its website that Mr Lewin had resigned due to allegations of “misconduct and […]

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