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TCM 24 Pte Ltd
Category : Health Product, TCM
Location : West Area
At TCM 24, we are committed to giving you the best care and services.

Our dedicated team of registered TCM professionals are well-equipped to manage your health ailments. They are trained to treat a wide range of illnesses, such as stiff necks, joint pain, body and muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, stress-related illnesses and sleeping disorders.

The “24” in our name is inspired by the 24-Flavour herbal tea, which is believed to be a cure-all for treating many ailments. The tea is usually made up of fewer than 24 types of herbs – selecting just the right kinds, rather than as many as possible, will maximise the effectiveness of the remedy. Likewise, TCM 24 believes in providing the right combination of treatments to best meet your specific needs. In line with TCM’s view that the body is an organic whole, therapies at TCM 24 will be specially customised for you at each visit.

Besides working towards providing 24/7 service, TCM 24 is also aiming to expand its clinic network to provide more accessible care islandwide.

Let TCM 24 meet your every need, any time. We offer therapies such as:

- Acupuncture
- Cupping
- Scraping
- Internal medicine
- Tuina

TCM 24竭尽所能,为您提供最优质的护理与服务。


我们店名中的“24”源自对多种病痛疗效显著的二十四味凉茶。多数的二十四味凉茶使用不超过二十四味中草药组成。熬煮功效良好的二十四味凉茶,讲究的是使用正确的中草药,而不在于使用了多少种的草药。同样的, TCM 24 深信,根据您的个人需要,采用正确的疗程,对症下药才是至关重要。传统中医认为人体是个完整的系统。因此,您每次到访TCM 24时,我们都将为您量身定制所需的特色疗程。

除了努力实现24/7全天候服务,TCM 24也致力于扩充服务范围,希望在全国各地设立诊所,服务大众。

无论任何时候,TCM 24都竭尽所能,为您提供各种专业治疗,满足您的种种需要:

- 针灸
- 拔罐
- 刮痧
- 内科
- 推拿
Address :Blk 491, Jurong West Ave 1 #01-151 Singapore 640491
Tel : 6569 0339
Services : Acupuncture, Cupping, Scraping, Internal medicine, Tuina
Hours of Operations :
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.tcm24.sg
Branch :
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