Singapore’s new ‘virtual security’ system is more than a security camera: It’s an eye-popping surveillance tool

By now, most of us are familiar with the surveillance cameras on our televisions.But there are many other security systems that can be found on our phones.The latest technology to hit the market is a device called the “virtual security system,” or VSS, which is supposed to provide real-time surveillance to a smartphone app.The system […]

When Your Businesses Are Too Big To Handle: How the Big 3 Companies Are Driving the Global Economy

By 2025, the combined size of the three largest corporations in the world will be more than 1,000 times larger than it is today, and their global influence will be as large as the combined power of the United States and China combined.The same is true for the remaining two companies, Apple and Google.The Big […]

Singapore deal with KPMG on $30 billion in deals

Singapore, one of the most expensive markets for private equity firms, announced Tuesday a $30.9 billion deal to buy a majority stake in KPMB AG for $10.2 billion.The deal, the largest-ever in the Southeast Asian country, will allow the investment bank to bolster its operations in the country.Singapore is also looking to add to its […]

Singapore’s beauty salon, beauty salon in Singapore, office furniture

TechCrunch Singapore is reporting that the Singapore Beauty Salon in Singapore (SGAS) has been selling office furniture from various companies including Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Lenovo.According to SGAS, the furniture is mainly used by its employees.SGAS is offering the furniture for $250 a piece, which includes the price of the furniture plus an […]

What’s on the mind of the Singapore beauty salon owner when you visit Singapore

Singapore is a city of beautiful things, but one thing we often forget is that its also a country where people are obsessed with beauty.The country has more than 200 beauty salons and a whole cottage industry dedicated to selling products, from face masks to eyebrow pencils.And if you want to make a good impression […]

Singapore’s new beauty salon: Singapore’s first in Singapore

Singapore is the new home for Singapore’s most successful beauty brand, beauty salon Lush.It opened its first store on August 15, 2018, in the Old City.It has a focus on children’s and beauty products, with more than 30 stores across the city.Lush has a reputation for being a trusted brand for parents and young children.Its […]

Online shopping Singapore offers ‘free delivery’ to Singapore children

Singapore is a country of shopping, and one that offers a free delivery service to its citizens.The idea is to get kids and their parents shopping in the same place, at the same time, but the delivery is only available for those who have online shopping accounts.Singapore has been making its online shopping platform available […]

Travel agency Singapore offers up to $250,000 in Bitcoin to a traveller with no credit card details

A travel agency in Singapore has offered a bitcoin wallet of up to 500,000 Singapore dollars (HK$500,000) to a person who has no credit or debit card details.Key points:Singapore’s Singtel bank says bitcoin wallet is a ‘simple way’ to send money from one person to anotherSingtel said the wallet can also be used to make […]

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